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How To Clean


To keep your leather in good conditions, we advise you to use a colourless moisturizer to maintain the glossy and feed the leather. If you want to clean/ take off a stain, sprinkle talcum powder on your bag and rub gently with a soft cloth. If you do not have talc, use cleansing milk on cotton.


With time and use the scales can be raised and get brighten. This is a natural property of the snakeskin. To clean your python bag use a moistened cloth with cleansing milk to clean the material in the direction of the scales. To remove a stain pass a cloth soaked in liniment oleo limestone, for stain removal use a cotton swab.


Protect your bag from rain and use a special leather spray to waterproof it and keep its colour. To clean small stains you can use a suede eraser. For the most persistent, sprinkle some "terre de sommières/ montmorillonite », leave it overnight and brush it with a suede brush.


Tweed is mainly made of wool, so it is best to avoid contact with water. Cleaning is done by hand and only with a detergent for delicate textiles or specially adapted to wool.


Cleaning your silver jewels can be done in three ways: With a cleaning cloth called "chamoisine", effective that removes any black mark on your jewelry. You can also use a professional cleaning product that leaves your jewelry shiny and as new, however, to avoid if it contains semi-precious-stones or cow bones. In this case, prefer the chamois. If not you can still use your grandmother's trick: apply on the jewel a small amount of toothpaste and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse with warm water.